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Welcome to Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge High School.

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We are devoted to shaping young minds and to fostering the physical, mental and spiritual growth of our pupils. Trinityhouse High School boasts a history of educational excellence based firmly on embedded values, a passion for learning and a wonderful environment. At Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge, we pride ourselves on our strong Christian values and principles, which influence all

aspects of the school, the curriculum, the learning environment and the ethos.

Our excellent academic, sports and cultural offerings afford all individuals the opportunity to shape their development as
well-balanced, happy and contributing members of the community. Our school combines excellence in teaching, creativity in curriculum and a highly personal experience in a technology-enriched learning environment. Extraordinary opportunities such as international travel, extra-curricular sporting activities and arts and culture activities are accessible to all students. Thus our pupils are able to participate and excel in a variety of fields.

At the heart of Trinityhouse High School is a highly-qualified, committed and passionate staff who strive to empower all of our students to develop to their full potential and grow their knowledge, values, character and self-confidence, to flourish as adults.


A school that does not manage and limit its assessment strategy carefully can cause pupils to experience undue stress and pressure. Our pupils write cycle tests in term one and three only – and only

Extramural Activites

Our pupils and our staff are passionate about our extra-mural offering at Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge. We offer a wide range of outreach and community service based clubs, music school, drama and major productions and are very competitive in all of sports we offer. None of the extra-mural activities we offer are compulsory as we are in the fortunate position that our pupils naturally want to participate in the activities we offer.


The uniform of our school forms an important part of embedding the schools traditional values with the children. New uniform items are supplied by two contracted school uniform suppliers, Student School Ware and Honeydew Drapers. Second hand clothing is available from the second hand shop on the campus. This is managed by the Parents Association of the school.


A progressive system of discipline is followed. Pupils that make themselves guilty of minor offences are managed by the teachers in the classroom. For multiple transgressions a detention may be recommended. Very serious transgressions may be dealt with by the school calling for a disciplinary enquiry. Compassion and consistency is the key to our discipline system.

The Trinity Singers

The Trinity Singers is the award winning choir of Trinityhouse High School. The choir upholds and enriches the Christian foundation of the school and keeps the sounds of all ancient and modern musicians alive by maintaining an all-encompassing repertoire.

Parents Association

Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge has a Parents Association which has been active for the last twelve years. It was established to facilitate all the schools on the campus to essentially provide the “nice to haves” without having to increase school fees.


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