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Carolyn Slabbert – Principal

Trinityhouse Palm Lakes Pre-Primary School is the third Trinityhouse that opened in 2013 and the first Trinityhouse outside of Gauteng. Our dynamic and stimulating pre-primary is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Tinley Manor on the Dolphin Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Our growing school has the ideal atmosphere of a “days gone by” close-knit community and is an integral...

part of the neighbouring Palm Lakes Family Estate. While many of our children live on the estate, we attract children from up and down the North Coast with our intimate classes and highly sought after teacher:children ratios.

We are spoilt by our untouched, natural surroundings of sugar cane and beaches, allowing us to indulge our parents’ lifestyle goals as well as the children’s imaginations and love of the outdoors during events such as cross country, mini triathlons and fishing picnics.

The caring, accepting and nurturing atmosphere of our pre-primary classes celebrates the involvement of our family members during our special event days and evenings, creating a welcoming environment in which to get to know us and to feel excited about the endless possibilities for their children’s unique educational experience.

The community and the school work hand in hand, step by step to bless others just as we have been blessed. Our Christian ethos within the school as well as the support from a loving community drives us to be an ever greater success in helping parents to shape their children to strive to be the people we all hope to be.



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