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Darren de Gouviea-Smith – Principal

At Trinityhouse Palm Lakes, we consider the Preparatory phase to be a crucially important time in the development of a child’s life.

Our goal is to provide a challenging yet encouraging environment that is sensitive to these unique developmental stages. We

Support self-confidence and growth;
Encourage responsibility, and
Help to guide independence.

Preparatory school...

is a journey that requires both support and space as your child constantly moves towards an ever-growing self-awareness. Our teachers understand this and always encourage your child to manage their own time, materials and ideas underpinned by our Christian ethos. This approach helps children to become happy and responsible members of their communities.

A defining feature of our Preparatory programme is the team approach of our teachers. They share their own experiences with each pupil, making each child feel known. While a high level of academic rigour pertains here, our children are proactively encouraged to identify other areas of non-academic interests and talents and to pursue them within our curriculum and beyond.


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