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Farone Eckstein – Principal

Learning is the core business of an excellent school. Learning is not only about subject knowledge; it’s a holistic life experience. Trinityhouse High School most certainly offers its pupils excellence.
We take great pride in our school and the exceptional achievements of all our children. We offer a top class education including all the academic, cultural and sporting...

prerequisites an independent school must have in South Africa today.

Our strong Christian values and principles influence all aspects of the school, the curriculum, the learning environment, the ethos and the way that everyone is included and how they relate to each other. We are therefore a school with a strong sense of direction and moral purpose.

At Trinityhouse we set consistently high expectations of pupils’ achievements, attendance and behaviour. Our use of praise is well judged and discriminating. It targets the personal achievements of individual children as well as groups and teams. Our pupils are continually motivated by it.

Our school is a welcoming school. We actively encourage parents to participate in their children’s education. We firmly believe that education at this school is a triangle between school, parents and the child. In many ways Trinityhouse can be classified as a traditional independent school. Our pupils take great pride in their school and celebrate this pride in many excellent traditions throughout the year.

Trinityhouse is everything a parent would expect from a top class independent school. It is truly “Education beyond Expectation”



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News and Gallery

Latest News & Images from Trinityhouse

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