Trinityhouse Heritage Hill Pre-Primary – Ice Cream Truck!

We decided to spoil our little ones with a visit from their local Ice-Cream Truck on the 6th of February 2018.
Every little heart was thumping with excitement! Each class got a turn to go fetch and ice-cream and indulged with their classmates on the playground. It is not everyday that you are allowed to have ice-cream for breakfast! We look forward to next time!




First Day of School 2018

It’s that time of year again – The First Day of School. The day began with much excitement at Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge. All pupils arrived at school eager to meet their new teacher and classmates. The Grade 000’s entered their classrooms for a year full of new adventures, the Grade 1’s have moved to ‘big school’ and look forward to learning to read and write. The Grade 8’s have entered their first year of High School with much anticipation and excitement for the year ahead. The buzz was contagious amongst pupils as they prepared for this new journey. 2018 is sure to bring new experiences, teamwork, creativity, new skills and a love for learning that will lead to future success at Trinityhouse and in years beyond.




Why being part of a team is so import

At Trinityhouse High School Randpark Ridge being part of a team is an important part of the pupil’s school career. Being part of a team gives young people a sense of belonging and often, a sense of purpose. The camaraderie and friendships formed are quite different to those formed in a classroom. The common goals, the desire to succeed collectively and the shared interest create bonds that are difficult to foster within the confines of four walls. Being part of the team teaches pupils to be supportive, empathetic and encouraging. It teaches them how to deal with both success and failure. They learn how to be good leaders and responsible followers. It builds trust and helps them to realize their strengths.



The Sensory Garden

Trinityhouse Pre-primary Randpark Ridge encourages children to engage all their senses- that is, the sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell – in order to learn about the natural world. The sensory garden has been created in a way to be used all year round by the children. That is why indigenous and evergreen plants form the basic layout of the garden of the garden, to which seasonal plants are added.

The sensory garden offers a quiet repose from the business of the general outdoor playground. All the children enjoy spending time in the garden and in their natural world.



U14 Annual Cricket Festival

The Annual Trinityhouse U14 Cricket Festival took place from 21 September to 24 September. The Festival is in its 9th year and continued to attract the biggest cricketing schools in Gauteng. St. Stithian’s, K.E.S., St. John’s, Jeppe, St. Benedict’s, Noordheuwel and Cornwall Hill all arrived at Trinityhouse to participate in the festival with the hosts. The format of the festival consisted of a T20 match on Thursday and Friday, a Time match on Saturday and a 40 Over match on Sunday. The U14 festival is one-of-a-kind in the Gauteng region as it not only attracts the biggest schools but it also offers the opportunity for the U14 sides to play. The players have an opportunity to learn more about cricket and improve their own abilities, whilst getting much needed pre-season preparation under their belt. It is easy to get excited about the potential talent pool that Gauteng and South Africa will be able to dip into when watching the teams on display, and undoubtedly with continued development and management, the full potential of many of these players could be unearthed. Highlights of the festival included many dominant displays by Jeppe including scoring a massive 273 in the first T20; the continuing cricketing rivalry between St. Stithian’s and K.E.S. going down to the wire with a narrow Saints victory; and the friendships that developed between all players from every school. Cricket is very much alive in South Africa, and we have plenty to be excited about for the future!

High School Pupils Excel

Trinityhouse High School Randpark Ridge recently awarded pupils for their excellence in academics. Pupils were awarded Honor Point badges as well as Academic Top 10 badges. The top students in Grade 8 – 11 all achieved an average higher than 90%.

The Prefect selection for 2018 was announced and congratulations go to the Head Boy – Bradley Jacobs, Head Girl – Tyla van Niekerk, Deputy Head Boy – Jared Gibbons and Deputy Head Girl – Jennifer Meredith.

Matric valediction awarded Matric pupils for their academic excellence amongst other prestigious awards. Of the Matric pupils, 57 received an average over 70%. Some of the top students in each subject include Dominique Verhufen who received 98.16% for Mathematics, Robert Gouldie who received 92.66% for Physical Science and Jonathan du Rand who received 92.04% for Accounting. It was also great to see that 54 pupils received the Trinityhouse Founders Medals for attending Trinityhouse since Grade 1.




8th Annual National U/13 Cricket Festival

We hosted our 8th annual National U/13 Cricket Festival. The Cricket Festival is part of our sporting highlights and has become a Festival of fantastic cricket and strong mutual friendships. Festivals play an important role in a child’s education and growth outside the four walls of a classroom. We associate ourselves strongly with schools and educators that strive to expose their cricketers to playing strong traditional cricketing schools, while developing good sportsmanship and values on and off the field of play. This year the Festival welcomed Grey College (Bloemfontein), Selborne Primary (East London), Laerskool Lynnwood (Pretoria), Cornwall Hill Preparatory (Durban), Westville Senior Primary (Durban) and Laerskool Fairland (Johannesburg).


Junior Engineers for Africa

What better way to learn than through play! The Junior Engineers for Africa (JEFA) arrived in full force with boxes of Lego ready to share their knowledge with the children. All of the JEFA school workshops are designed to promote engineering and technology. One of the workshops for the day would be crazy cranes in which the children were introduced to levers and pulleys. The children were taught how to build a crane and other models which demonstrate pulleys.  One of the best aspects of JEFA workshops is the way they engage every single child there.

What happens when you combine paper and pressure, well the children were about to find out! In the next workshop, the children were introduced to the concept of pressure. In pairs, the children built a paper crimper and a press as they explored pressure and how it is useful and used in our everyday lives.

Every year our children (and teachers!) look forward to the visit from the JEFA team and are never disappointed. What an amazing way to learn….through play!




Importance of Sports and Games in School

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ is an unavoidable necessity for all, particularly for a school-going boy or girl.

Sports stimulate the physical and mental growth of a child. A person who regularly plays sports develops a healthy body, develops better body strength and better coordination.  The physical benefits also include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases and learning the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The enhancement of physical and mental development of children is certainly the most important contribution of sports, but the list of values a child may acquire through sports does not end here. The positive aspects are numerous, which reveals the true beauty of sport.

Sport teaches children the important lesson of team-spirit and it gives them the experience of working with different kinds of people in different situations.

Playing sports enables children to create friendships they otherwise might not have formed. Sports and games can be a great lesson in time management and they provide the spirit of competition that drives them to give extra effort. Through sports, children learn to respect authority and rules. Sport increases self-esteem, mental alertness and reduces stress and anxiety.

Good sportsmanship provides guidelines that can be generalized to the classroom and lifelong achievement. Participation in challenging sports teaches children to love challenges. It also teaches them to function in a competitive society. Sport helps to build character and discipline and it gives children the confidence of being an individual with overall development.