Dora the Explorer Show “What is Ascension Day?”- 25/05/2017


Ascension Day was especially exciting here at the Pre-School as we got a surprise visit from one of our favourite cartoon characters, Dora the Explorer! Dora stopped by to do a show that consisted of singing, dancing and a lesson about the meaning of Ascension Day and its importance. The amphitheater echoed the voices of squeal, delight and joy as Dora the Explorer told us all about Jesus; his life, purpose and future. The kids couldn’t wait to take a photo with Dora and ask her questions. We followed our assembly by releasing white balloons into the sky as a commemoration of Jesus ascending to Heaven on Founders’ Field.

Ascension Day Celebrations- 25/05/2017

Today the Preparatory School celebrated Ascension Day, a Christian holiday which celebrates Jesus being taken up to heaven after dying on the cross and rising again. We started the day with a beautiful assembly which saw Mrs Heather Brits give a powerful presentation of the days meaning. At assembly, each class presented a balloon with an encouraging message attached and each class read aloud their messages to everyone. It was so heartwarming to hear the beautiful messages of hope, healing and blessing that these little ones wrote themselves! After a beautiful chorus of “How Great is Our God”, we all met outside at King’s Park field where we released all the balloons to heaven to commemorate Jesus ascending to heaven. What a fantastic day, we are truly so grateful for all the staff and students that made this day such a success!

International Pizza Party Day a smashing success! 19/05/2017

Can somebody say Pizza Party? Today, Friday 19th May 2017 the entire campus here at Trinityhouse Little Falls celebrated International Pizza Party Day with loads of yummy pizza! The Preparatory School celebrated the day with pizza sponsored by Panorottis Pizza and Angelos! The kids had a fantastic time choosing their flavour of pizza and enjoying it with friends in the Courtyard. Thank you to Panorottis and Angelos for the yummy pizza and a huge thanks to Mr Promo Print for the awesome “International Pizza Party Day” staff shirts! Click the link below for more info:

Trinityhouse Launches Lego Engineering- 16 May 2017

Today the fun continued at Trinityhouse with an introductory course to our Grade One pupils to Lego Engineering by the JEFA Education & Life Skills Program. The Grade One pupils learned the different Lego pieces and names as well as their functions. They were then given liberty to build their own structures. #SMILES all around the assembly hall where the program took place. The Introductory Course continues through this week and next to all Preparatory Pupils.

Reach for a Dream Slipper Day- Friday 12 May, 2017

On Friday, 12 May 2017, the Prep School pupils traded in their normal lace-up and Mary-Jane school shoes for soft comfy slippers in honour of Reach for a Dream Slipper Day! Big smiles and laughs were evident all around as kids showed their multicoloured, character-based, or oversized bedtime feet buddies to their friends. What a fun (and comfortable) day was enjoyed by our Prep school students! A huge heartfelt thanks to all those at Reach for a Dream who change lives everyday by their giving and kindness.

Mother’s Reading Week- May 5-12, 2017


In recognition of International Caught Reading Week and Mother’s Day, the Preparatory School celebrated our amazing moms by hosting a Mother’s Reading Week. During the week of May 5-12, 2017 moms were welcomed to come to the school and read to their children. The pupils were delighted when their moms surprised them during the day with some eats and their favourite books. The courtyards and picnic benches as well as Cafe Flava were always buzzing with moms reading in their most animated voices. You could heard the whispers of the reading and the giggles from the pupils from afar. We had a great week celebrating reading in a fun and educating manner. Thank you to all our visiting moms for making this week unforgettable to your child.

A+ Edutainment- “The Water Story” Wednesday 10 May 2017

In connection with last week’s theme of Water, the Grade O pupils were treated with a fun and exciting show called “The Water Story” by A+ Edutainment. They learned all about water, water conservation, and the water cycle in a fun, and understandable way. The kids sang and danced all while learning about an extremely important topic. Thanks to A+ Edutainment for another great educational program!