Celebrating International Music Day

Our pupils celebrated International Music Day on Wednesday, 21 July. Music and choir are truly alive and well at our school!

Our pupils enjoy music in the classroom through participating and learning to play instruments such as the guitar, recorder, marimba, and the violin to name a few. This affords them the opportunity to collaborate with others in making music while increasing memory skills as well as their co-ordination. The choir section combines excellently with the marimba and djembe groups in their presentation of items at various spaces in the year. The benefits of learning to play a musical instrument or sing can be seen beyond the classroom and brings great joy to many. Music is enjoyed and loved by our pupils, giving them a sense of achievement when mastering even the smallest goal.



Celebrating World Environment Day

World Environment Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by our Grade Three students. Our children created some wonderful recycled bottle gardens from recycled two-litre bottles and succulent plants. This activity was done to inspire the children and demonstrate to them the many ways we are able to recycle and take care of the environment.  What a fun way to celebrate nature and the environment. Our children made a great difference.


Our Soccer Stars are making GOALS in the Pre-School

Soccer has arrived at Trinityhouse with new private soccer lessons we now offer throughout the campus’ extra mural program. In this new private soccer club which is an extra mural activity, the little ones learn soccer skills and development with highly qualified soccer coaches. Our soccer stars started with a kick! These little future soccer players had a blast this week as the soccer program began. We look forward to hearing about their “GOALS”.

A+ Edutainment- “The Water Story” Wednesday 10 May 2017

In connection with last week’s theme of Water, the Grade O pupils were treated with a fun and exciting show called “The Water Story” by A+ Edutainment. They learned all about water, water conservation, and the water cycle in a fun, and understandable way. The kids sang and danced all while learning about an extremely important topic. Thanks to A+ Edutainment for another great educational program!

Mother’s Day Picnic- Friday 12 May 2017

Today the Pre-Primary school was abuzz with excited little ones proudly hosting their mommies for a special Mother’s Day celebration. Moms started the day with delectable eats and treats and were then taken to their little ones’ class where they were greeted with song, dance, beautiful devotions and prayers as well as an art and craft activity with their little ones. Some classes played games with mom while others opted for fun photo booths. After class room activities, the moms had a picnic with their little ones on our beautiful pre-primary grounds. Of course the little ones snuck in some playtime with friends while mommies chatted and laughed with their other mommy friends. Pre-schoolers ended this exciting day by leaving early with mommy to spend some one-on-time with mommy at home or work. Overall we had a fabulous time spoiling our world class moms!


The Great Hall was alive with the sound of beautiful music and voices recently. This year is to be one of celebrations to mark our school’s 20th anniversary, and ARISE was the first of many events planned.

Both high school choirs, The Trinity Singers Mixed Choir and The Trinity Singers Girls Choir, entertained a packed hall for two hours, singing renditions of songs which have been significant in the school’s history. It really was a trip down Memory Lane.

The audience was delighted and truly moved by each heartwarming performance but was blown away by the massed choir performance – Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna”. What made the evening extra special was the fact that fifty past pupils, who had been members of the Trinity Singers, joined in for the massed choir performance. The result? A 160-strong choir, accompanied by a grand percussion ensemble. It was breathtaking and truly memorable.

What a privilege it is to be part of a school where the Arts is so celebrated.

Easter Fever Hits the Pre-School! Easter OPD Day 23/03/2017

On Thursday, March 23, 2017 Easter Bunnies hopped into the Pre-School as we celebrated our Easter themed OPD (Other People’s Day). Each “bunny” donated a box of yummy Easter eggs and money to benefit our Ekurhuleni Outreach Programme. We can’t wait to “hop” over to our friends and deliver all these Easter goodies. Thank you to every child and parent who made this day so “eggcellent”!

Take your marks …GO!

Great excitement filled the Ellis Park Aquatic Stadium recently as our swimming squad demonstrated their skill and swimming prowess in annual Inter-high Gala. Our swimmers certainly did us proud, winning many of the races and even breaking records. We were so proud of our star swimmer, Gabriella Grobler, who smashed a 27-year-old record! What an amazing achievement. We have no doubt that Gabby’s name will be up in lights in the wider swimming arena very shortly.

Competing in the A-League is not for sissies and our little school was up against schools with double the numbers and thus a greater “pool” from which to select the swimmers. But we were undaunted and managed to achieve fourth place which means that the Trinityhouse Swimming Team remains in the A-League in 2018. We have no doubt that our swimmers will continue to give of their best next year, too!


On Cue Theatre Presents “Betty Button” Show-09/03/2017

On Thursday, the 9th March 2017 our Preschool was entertained by our annual “Betty Button” show. We learned about our bodies, eating healthy foods, making new friends, being kind, and respecting our parents  in a fun and entertaining way. The show was performed by On Cue Theatre and brought us special guests like Doc McStuffins, Olaf, and even Alice in Wonderland!