Spring has arrived at the Pre-Primary School!

     The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming and spring hats are the spring accessory of choice at the Pre-Primary School. To celebrate the spring season, each child made their own hat in class which were on full display during our Spring Hat Parade. The kids shrieked with joy and they pranced around the school in their own magical creations. While colours popped, many chose sparkles, feathers and even paint to make their own design unique. To end the day, each child was treated to a yummy ice cream treat. Hooray for Spring!


Trinityhouse’s Little Chefs Make-a-burger!

Trinityhouse Little Falls always goes out of its way to make learning fun! Many times it’s those extraordinary creative lessons that children never forget. This last week as a part of the Grade 000 and 00 class theme of “Bread”, the whole school put on their chef’s hats and were treated to a fun Make-a-burger day. Each child was given their own yummy burger and got to put their favourite toppings and sauces on all by themselves. While making the burgers was indeed fun, the best part was definitely eating their little creations. Moms, watch out for our little budding chefs next time you make burgers at home as they can make a masterpiece of a home favourite!

Pre-Primary Concert: A Musical Journey through the Decades!

         The Pre-School recently put on their annual play production called, “A Musical Journey through the Decades.” Our talented pupils sang and danced their way into the audience’s hearts with their routines and amazing costumes. The audience sang along as our stars shined musically. From the 1950’s to today’s pop culture, music was on everyone’s lips as we watched an amazing production unfold before our eyes. Thank you for all the hard work our Pre-Primary pupils and staff worked to make the show a success.

DOGZCOOL: The Incredible Dog Show Teaches Pre-School New Tricks

Trinityhouse Little Falls Pre-Primary was treated to an exciting fur-filled morning with DOGZCOOL‘s Incredible Dog Show. DOGZCOOL is a company owned and run by Lloyd Bristow who is a specialist and trains different kinds of dogs to do incredible tricks. The Incredible Dog Show is Educational, Motivation and Inspirational and a whole lot of fun! The Pre- Primary School sat in awe as Cool Dog, Kindle, Hero, Shine, Jet and Daz performed some amazing fleets. Not only was it exciting to watch but some of our pupils got to play games with the dogs and even helped one dog spell a word! Most importantly we learned about dogs, how important it is to take care and nuture your dogs (and pets), where we should take them when they’re sick and what is the right amount of time and food we should give our dogs to keep them healthy. The pupils also learned about how to approach a dog when you want to pet it and how it is important to ask the dog’s owner if you are allowed to pet their dog to keep themselves from getting hurt. What a furry fun time we had today all while learning some incredible things about our furry buddies. Thank you DOGZCOOL for coming to Trinityhouse and to all the dogs for performing an amazing show!

20 Great years for Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge

We celebrated our 20th year anniversary this past week with the outstanding production,” Roots and Wings – A celebration of 20 years”. The production took the audience on a walk down memory lane, from the humble beginnings in 1996 when construction began, to where the school is today. The school opened in January 1997 with 298 pupils on its first day and has since grown to nearly 2000 pupils. Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge has continued to grow with the addition of classrooms, swimming pools and a hockey astro. Our sports teams, music and drama departments and outreach programs have steadily developed and grown into a busy programme that offers our children opportunities to develop. The show included pupils from the Pre-Primary, Preparatory and High School who all came together to put on the magnificent production.


Happy 20th birthday to Trinityhouse!