Trinityhouse High School Little Falls Lets Their Talent Shine

This past week Trinityhouse High School Little Falls held its annual Talent Show in the theme, “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.” Our pupils put on a masterpiece production that showcased talents in music, acting and dance. What a night to remember! From the well known talents of years past performing, to new students that came out of the woodwork to show us their new talents, the audience sat captivated by the performances of the evening. One of the most notable observations was the fact that some students used their performance to address social issues from bullying to escaping abuse and standing up for those hopeless. At the end all the talent culminated to the finalists and the top three awards. In third place there was tie with Dylan van der Merwe and Robyn de Villiers who performed a piano and vocal piece called “Love in the Dark” and Kabelo Moalusi who did hip hop dance and breakdancing. Second place was awarded to Sean Steyn who did a karate routine with ballerina Lisa Smith. What a fiercely elegant performance! The first place award went to Avela who vocally smashed Whitney Houston’s hit “I have nothing”. Avela Fongoqa was pitch perfect, hitting every note and doing a flawless rendition of a vocally challenging song. Look on our Facebook page: to stay connected with what’s happening at Trinityhouse! A special thanks to all the hard work put in by the pupils and to the show coordinators Johanna Klopper and Joanne Brett for their tireless work that made the show the success it was! We are so blessed with the talent God has given us, to Him be the glory always!

What makes Trinityhouse Preparatory School Stand Out?

When people think Trinityhouse Preparatory School, Little Falls what normally comes to mind? Is it our beautiful campus nested in the mountains of Little Falls Nature Reserve? It is our highly qualified team of staff members that sacrifice so much to produce world-class academic achievers? It is our sports programmes that breed compassionate pupils that embrace our ethos even on the fields and show true sportsmanship? Is it our arts and cultural programmes, which catches the attention of some of the most prestigious schools and universities? Is it the languages that we are taught or the diversity of our pupils that echoes the voice of many nations, under ONE GOD? Is it our amazing facilities that include our new GO LAB where children explore robotics and do 3D printing? Is it the extra mural activities that continually highlight the creativity and passion of our students to excel? Is it the servant nature we embrace or selflessness in giving to those less fortunate? Whilst all of the above are absolutely true and make Trinityhouse Preparatory School Little Falls unique, it is the deep embedded thread of our Christian Ethos that holds everything we do, together. With God in every part of our lives, it is so easy to stand out from other campuses. So many keep that thread hidden, but in everything we are and all we do, we credit to the hand of God working for us. That is why we are not afraid to “STAND UP” and “STAND OUT”.  So many are ashamed, so many hide the light of our Lord afraid, and many casually believe on paper only, but we at Trinityhouse Preparatory School are not afraid of who we are and what we stand for. This is why our treasure is our Christian ethos and God’s word, which guides every day and brings blessing and anointing to everything we do on a daily basis.

Trinityhouse’s Chanell Twirls to Top Ballerina in West Rand

Grade 6 student Chanell Botha recently took part in the Roodepoort Arts Festival and she received first places for both her solos. She also received a special award and the most promising novice/pre-amateur Ballet Bursary. Chanel has been doing ballet since she was 4 years old and dances almost everywhere she goes. Chanell is looking forward to her first pair of pointe shoes that she will start to dance in next year which is a big step in any ballerinas career. We are so proud of you Chanell and all your achievements!

Spring has arrived at the Pre-Primary School!

     The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming and spring hats are the spring accessory of choice at the Pre-Primary School. To celebrate the spring season, each child made their own hat in class which were on full display during our Spring Hat Parade. The kids shrieked with joy and they pranced around the school in their own magical creations. While colours popped, many chose sparkles, feathers and even paint to make their own design unique. To end the day, each child was treated to a yummy ice cream treat. Hooray for Spring!


Pre-Primary Concert: A Musical Journey through the Decades!

         The Pre-School recently put on their annual play production called, “A Musical Journey through the Decades.” Our talented pupils sang and danced their way into the audience’s hearts with their routines and amazing costumes. The audience sang along as our stars shined musically. From the 1950’s to today’s pop culture, music was on everyone’s lips as we watched an amazing production unfold before our eyes. Thank you for all the hard work our Pre-Primary pupils and staff worked to make the show a success.

Sho’t Left to Mzansi- A Prep School Play Production

The Preparatory School Foundation Phase took us on a colourful journey through the different provinces of South Africa. The vibrant production was a cultural clash of song, dance and the unique spirit that makes us Proudly South African! What a fantastic display of cultural diversity by some amazing pupils in our school. A very special thanks to our music department and all the parents and staff that worked so hard to produce a South African masterpiece!