Trinityhouse Heritage Hill Pre-Primary – Incubators!

Trinityhouse Heritage Hill Pre-Primary was lucky enough to have had two incubators at our school.
We had the opportunity to see little chicks hatch for four days. They were delivered at our school
on the Monday. We all had a chance to guess which egg would hatch first and wrote it down on a calendar.
Over the next three days we kept a close eye on them, watching them hatch one by one. Number 14 was the winner!
Our children learnt a lot from this wonderful experience. Best of all, we were able to hold the chicks once they hatched!


Trinityhouse Launches Lego Engineering- 16 May 2017

Today the fun continued at Trinityhouse with an introductory course to our Grade One pupils to Lego Engineering by the JEFA Education & Life Skills Program. The Grade One pupils learned the different Lego pieces and names as well as their functions. They were then given liberty to build their own structures. #SMILES all around the assembly hall where the program took place. The Introductory Course continues through this week and next to all Preparatory Pupils.


Not only do Trinityhouse Palm Lakes Pre-Primary children go on outings to venues in their surrounding community but they are also treated to in visits.

Recently, Dogz cool was a hit with the aptly named “Hero” standing out and winning the hearts of the children with his speed, goofiness and ability to do many tricks!

Beach outing!

Trinityhouse Palm Lakes Pre-Primary went on their annual beach outing to Granny’s pool in Salt Rock.

With incredible excitement each and every child participated in beach games with Justin and Neh, the enthusiastic lifeguards.

Trinityhouse Palm Lakes Pre-Primary love to celebrate the beautiful surroundings and so, blessed with an army of caring adults, they jump at the opportunity of having a picnic at the beach so close to their school.


Trinityhouse Palm Lakes Pre-Primary is celebrating Crazy Hair Day; this gives their Pre-Primary children and teachers the opportunity to come to school wearing their hair in a crazy way!

In the Pre-Primary they have many opportunities to have fun. Life is serious enough but they know how to take Fun far more seriously!