Welcome to the Trinityhouse Schools website. Often I drive past one of our billboards or enter the reception area of one of our schools and I see the words “An Education Beyond Expectation” displayed in all its proud glamour. It gives me tremendous joy to be associated with a group of schools that puts their motto into action through the dedicated effort of staff who work towards delivering and education beyond parents’ expectation.


  • An overtly Christian school in which the Christian faith permeates every aspect of our schools. Our staff and pupils support each other and we live the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22)
  • We are dedicated to excel academically. We know that good academic results are the primary reason why parents put their children in any school, so we aim to not only produce the expected results, but to excel. Our intense involvement in developing a core-skills curriculum that produces pupils who enter the economic world as well prepared and balanced adults is our primary focus. This is done in a well thought-through progression from day one, when pupils join our classes in grade 000 until they matriculate.
  • Schooling is not only about what happens inside the classroom. Sport and other extramural activities are important to develop a healthy body and mind. At Trinityhouse we take sport seriously and do it, firstly, for enjoyment and exercise, but we are dedicated to achieve top results. Over the past twenty years we have won numerous matches and competitions often against teams or schools far bigger than ourselves. The variety of sport caters for pupils with different abilities and interests, but we believe in teaching pupils to participate in activities that will force them out of their comfort zones. We see great benefit in mass participation.
  • Cultural activities, choir singing, public speaking, drama productions, art festivals and many more, receive as much attention as our sport. The word ‘holistic’ education often comes to mind, which to us means ‘development of the whole child’. We also take this seriously and both participation and top achievements receive formal and informal recognition in our schools. When the ‘Trinity Singers’ perform at a function, or the ‘Marimba Band’ plays a music piece you realise what ‘An Education beyond Expectation’ practically means in our schools.
  • The fifth area, in which we involve ourselves, is Outreach We understand that, as a top private school, we are blessed in many ways – far beyond expectation. We believe that sharing and helping those less privileged should be part of our lives as Christians. All our pupils are involved in monthly activities involving charities, donations, collections, assistance and giving back. This is who we are and what we do, and this forms an integral part of the development of the whole person in our country and our school. We do this because we are thankful for God’s grace.

As you explore our schools further, we hope that you will also come to see, experience and ‘taste’ our values and our school culture. When you get the first opportunity to hear our choir sing the school hymn “A Prayer for Trinity”, we hope you will also get goosebumps at hearing:


O God, the Holy Trinity, we bow before Your throne,
Send Your Spirit down from heaven and make our school Your home.
Grant us academic fervour and an ardent love of Art,
Grant us sportsmanship and courage, alive in every heart.
To the honour of Your Name may these flourish and abound,
As those who seek to labour here all let Your praise resound.
O God, our Heavenly Father, we marvel at Your grace,
That You sent Your Son to save us, to suffer in our place.
Grant us ears to hear Your wisdom, set our eyes on things above,
Grant us feet to do Your bidding and hands to show Your love.
Take our lives, our hopes, our frailties and all our vibrant youth,
Lead us onward in our journey to Knowledge and Truth.

*   *   *


May your experiences and engagements with us also be ‘Beyond Expectation’.

Andries van Renssen